Actes 2021

ACTES 2021


6 de juny --- Algemesí--- Final de curs d'Algadins


13-16 d'agost --- Montréjeau (França) --- Festival International de Folklore Folkolor

19 de setembre --- Castelló de la Plana --- II Trobada de Folklore

9 d'octubre --- Borriana --- Desfilada del 9 d'octubre

Final d'octubre --- Ontinyent --- Festival de Danses

12 de desembre --- Picanya --- 9a Temporada de Folklore Valencià


The Group of Tradicional Dances l’Arenilla was founded in 2000 in Borriana, Land of Valencia, from the iniciative of students of Adults Education Center in this town, in which members of the workshop on “Traditional dance” were gradually adding others, linked by a common interest: dances and music of our land.

The town is situated near the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most important historical centers of Valencia. The group represents Valencian tradicional culture, dances and music and it has about 30 adults and 20 children and youths.

One or the first activities organized by the group were dances on the squares and streets to celebrate the cycle of nature: the recollection of oranges, the grape harvest, the arrival of winter... the objective is to enjoy the dance, time, life in the community with others,  and express it like people have always done, dancing and inviting others to dance, to take part in the celebration.

They introduce songs, dances and tradicional music of the Land of Valencia. Ancient dances as seguidilla, jota, fandango, bolero are accompanied by guitars, lute and traditional instruments such as guitarró (little 5 strings guitar), bandúrria (12 strings mandolin), castanets, pandereta (tambourine), dolçaina (doble reed instrument in the oboe family), tabal (drum)...

An exceptional attention is given to their traditional costume of XVIIIth century, as their parts, details, texture and colours represent Valencian heritage and history.

The group has recupereted some local danses like Jota and Arenilla of Borriana and restored local procession dances. They have organised folklore festivals and performed all over the Land of Valencia, other Spanish regions and also in Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, England, France, Croatia and Slovenia.

International festivals we have participated:

2003  Serrastretta (Italy)                   20th Festival dei Popoli

2005  Vilnius (Lithuania)                   Baltica- International Folkore Festival

2007  Cantanhede (Portugal)             2nd Folk Cantanhede

2008  Drummondville (Canada)          27th Mondial des Cultures

2009  Louvain (Belgium)                   35th Paasfeesten Leuven

2010  Maiorca (Portugal)                  36th Festimaiorca

2011  Bermeo (Basque Country)        25th Bermeo International Folklore Festival

2012  Alnwick (England)                   37th Alnwick International Music Festival

2013 Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal)      7th Mostra Internacional de Folclore

2014 Milis (Italy)                             21st Festival Internazionale del Folklore "La Vega"

2015 Tancos (Portugal)                      9th Festival Internacional de Folclore

2015 Souselo (Portugal)                    38th Festival Internacional de Folclore 

2016 Saujon (France)                        Festival International de Folklore 

2017 Mortágua (Portugal)                 26th Gala Internacional de Folclore

2017 Viseu (Portugal)                       International Folklore Festival Feira de São Mateus

2018 Zagreb (Croatia)                      52th Internacional Folklore Festival

2018 Beltinci (Slovenia)                   48th Internacional Folklore Festival

2019 Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal)      10th Mostra Internacional de Folclore